2011 ACF Nationals

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The 2011 ACF Nationals tournament was held at the University of Pittsburgh in the memorable Cathedral of Learning. Yale (John Lawrence, Matt Jackson, Kevin Koai, Sam Spaulding) defeated the University of Minnesota (Andrew Hart, Rob Carson, Gautam Kandlikar, Mike Cheyne) in a one-game final. Illinois took third.

The University of Michigan won the undergraduate title. It is somewhat muddled as to who won the DII title--it was either State College High School or Rice University.

The tournament proved to be extremely difficult and no team escaped any round unscathed. Both Yale and Minnesota, in the finals, were playing with two losses suffered during the final "superplayoffs" round (in fact, having both lost to Michigan). Minnesota defeated Illinois in a de facto elimination game in the final round of the playoffs to square off against Yale.


This tournament was edited by Jerry Vinokurov, Susan Ferrari, and Jonathan Magin. They produced an astonishing 24 packets.


Stats for the first two phases of the tournament, albeit with a disappearing VCU, can be found here. (Stats for the final "superplayoff" phase, in which the top eight teams in the Playoffs had their records wiped again and played a seven-team round robin amongst themselves, have been lost to eternity, and the current whereabouts of the statkeeper for the tournament, a certain "Brian Sisco" of the Pitt team, are unknown.)