Kevin Robb

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Kevin Robb
Noted subjects Chemistry
Past colleges Truman State University (2009-2013)
High school Francis Howell Central High School (2005-09)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Kevin Robb is a former player for Truman State University. He also played quiz bowl in high school at Francis Howell Central.


High School

Kevin played for the Francis Howell Central High School team coached by Kathryn Keierleber. He spent three of his four years on the B team, which he captained during his junior year. Kevin played on the A team his senior year.

Kevin was a high scorer in the Two Saints Conference in 2008 on the basis of tossups answered despite only playing four of seven games, and a B team consisting of Kevin and several of the team's other generalists placed in the top 8 at the 2008 Helias Tournament. [1] [2] Similarly, a B team led by Kevin managed to reach playoffs at the Washington High School Scholar Classic that same year, with Kevin coming in second overall in scoring. [3]




Kevin's first collegiate event was the 2009 ACF Fall tournament hosted at Missouri. Kevin was a solid contributor on the well balanced Truman C team which took third at the tournament. [6]

Kevin was also a member of the Truman State B team which took first at the 2010 Midwest SCT to claim a bid to attend the 2010 ICT. [7] Along with fellow freshmen Kevin Lang and Jared McNett, he played on the Truman State team which took 24th of 32 teams at the 2010 NAQT ICT after going 3-11 (including a tiebreaker game not featured in NAQT's results). [8]

Along with Charlie Fritz and David Lanza, Kevin was a member of the open team "We Hate Each Other" which won the 2010 St. Charles Open. [9] Kevin was the tournament's 7th highest scorer. [10]


Kevin was the top scorer on the Truman State team which took second at WashU's mirror of the 2010 Early Autumn Collegiate Novice tournament on September 25th. [11] Along with Jared McNett, he was also the director of Truman's ACF Fall mirror. [12] He also served as treasurer for the Truman State team in the Fall and as the vice-president in the Spring.


Along with team president Jared McNett, Kevin co-directed Truman's 2011 ACF Fall mirror.


Kevin was a member of the Truman State A team which placed 3rd overall in the 2012 ACF Fall mirror hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. [13]