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Kristin Strey is a tournament host and question writer in Illinois. She is the current coach of Winnebago.

Kristin is a former player from Winnebago High School, graduating in 2007. With Brad Fischer, Kristin has founded quiz bowl clubs at Rock Valley College and Northern Illinois University, where she is the president of the Quiz Bowl Association. Through those organizations, she has hosted or co-directed several tournaments, including The Decemberist and Huskie Bowl. She is the director of the Scholastic Community Outreach Program (SCOP), an organization that serves underfunded Illinois teams. For a brief time, she was an assistant coach at IMSA.

Prior to returning to coaching, Strey spent a great deal of time working in the Stats room of various tournaments.


Around 2017, Strey returned to Winnebago as head coach. Under her tenure, Winnebago has finished in the top-4 at the IHSA State Tournament including 4th (2019), 3rd (2022), 3rd (2023), & 2nd (2024).


In 2013, Strey and Brad Fischer were co-recipients of the Robert Grierson Friend of Scholastic Bowl Award for their work in hosting tournaments and for developing SCOP.

In 2022, Strey was named the recipient of the Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award for or her tireless commitment to outreach and resource creation to make the game of quizbowl more accessible for new coaches, players, writers, and everyone in between.

In 2023, Strey was named recipient of the Karen Niemeier Award, the small school recipient of the IHSSBCA Coach of the Year.

Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award
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