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In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the LIQBA sponsored and ran six online events in Spring 2020: BHSAT Online, SCOP Novice Online, James Blair Bowl Online, the Island Cup May Online, the Scottie Online, and the Midsummer Classic.


Name Date Location Set T Champions Second Place Third Place Fourth Place MVP
BHSAT Online 4/5/2020 Discord BHSAT 14 TAG Magnet Strake Jesuit DCD A Hotchkiss A Cooper Roh, Hotchkiss A
SCOP Novice Online 4/19/2020 Discord SCOP Novice 28 Choate Lava Lizard Stanton Plano West Wayzata Ameya Singh, Laurel Springs
JBB Online 4/26/2020 Discord James Blair Bowl 26 TAG Magnet Solon Churchill JHS Hotchkiss A Amitav Narayan, Churchill JHS
Island Cup May 5/9/2020 Discord BUTTERSCOT 26 Wayzata Scarsdale Canada NB Kinkaid Jacob Hardin-Bernhardt, Team Pierre Trudeau
Scottie Online 5/31/2020 Discord The Scottie 30 Arcadia Norfolk Academic Guild Hotchkiss Barrington Station Amogh Kulkarni, Arcadia
The Midsummer Classic 6/20/2020 Discord RAMS II 20 Detroit Country Day B Tenafly MS A Lowell Wilmington Charter Jeremiah Rayban, Wilmington Charter

2021 Season Finale

Though the LIQBA entered a period of inactivity after its members formed the American Quizbowl League in July 2020, the LIQBA eventually hosted the Long Island Season Finale on May 22nd, 2021. The tournament had no registration fee and was restricted to teams from Nassau and Suffolk counties in New York.

Name Date Location Set T Champions Second Place Third Place Fourth Place MVP
Long Island Season Finale 5/22/2020 Discord ERIS 9 South Side A Ward Melville A Port Washington A Wheatley A Matthew Chen, Ward Melville A