Ladue Invitational Spring Tournament (set)

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The Ladue Invitational Spring Tournament, or LIST, was a high school quiz bowl question set written by members of the Ladue team, and primarily used at the Ladue Invitational Spring Tournament.

LIST was head-edited by Max Schindler.

LIST II was head-edited by Max Schindler and Haohang Xu.

LIST III was head-edited by Max Schindler, Haohang Xu, and Ben Zhang. It was one of the few sets rated "exemplary" by PACE's certification program.

LIST IV was head-edited by Ben Zhang and Jialin Ding.

After a 2-year hiatus, the set was revived in 2017 with LIST VI, which was head-edited by Raj Paul and Moses Schindler.

No further LIST sets have been written as of 2021.