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Appleton, WI
Current President or Coach Andrew Stelzer
National championships None
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Lawrence University is a small liberal arts school in Appleton, Wisconsin, not to be confused with the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas; Sarah Lawrence College; St. Lawrence; T.E. Lawrence; or Lawrence Technical University.

Lawrence has a long and wonderful tradition of actually fielding women at tournaments.







  • ACF Fall at Northern Illinois: Lawrence A placed 2nd in the 3rd bracket, and Lawrence B finished 2nd in the 4th bracket.
  • Penn Bowl at Northwestern: Lawrence A finished 6th in the Premiership bracket, Lawrence B finished 4th in the Bundesliga bracket.
  • NAQT DII SCT: 4th place. Daniel Goetz finished 4th in DII scoring, Natalie Schermer 7th.


  • ACF Fall at Wisconsin: Lawrence A finished 4th in the middle bracket, Lawrence B 3rd in the bottom bracket.
  • NAQT DII SCT: Lawrence A finished 6th place, Lawrence B 9th (tied with IUPUI A). Natalie Schermer finished 9th in DII scoring.
  • NAQT DII ICT: 22nd place. Lawrence did not actually qualify for ICT, but NIU was unable to come to the tournament last minute and Lawrence, a 3-hour drive away, took their place.


  • ACF Fall at St. Thomas: Lawrence A finished 3rd overall and 1st in DII, Lawrence B 10th overall, Lawrence C 13th overall. Natalie Schermer finished 5th in overall scoring. Lawrence A's only losses were to DI teams, Minnesota's DI A and B teams.
  • NAQT SCT at University of Chicago: Lawrence A 7th DI, Lawrence B 9th in DII, Lawrence C 11th in DII. Jack Walstrom finished 8th in DII scoring.
  • MUT at Illinois: Lawrence A 2nd in bottom bracket, Lawrence B 4th in bottom backet