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Linda Greene is the former coach at Auburn High School in Rockford, Illinois.

Greene began coaching in 1993, and while the exact total is not known, she has certainly won well over 1000 matches in her coaching career.

Within the scope of the IHSA State Tournament, Greene's Auburn team has an unprecedented streak of success. Starting with the 2001-02 series, Auburn has not failed to win its Regional and Sectional, and upon reaching state, has not failed to place in the top 4 in the State Tournament. This streak of 15 (as of 2016) consecutive regionals, sectionals, and top-4 finishes are all records in the IHSA State Tournament. This streak includes State Championships in 2008 and 2015.

Dating to the start of the tournament in 2005, Greene's Auburn team won six NAQT State Championships, including the 2017 tournament which would be her last a head coach.

Because the Rockford area does not otherwise host any good tournaments, Greene has hosted her own tournaments, and frequently takes her team to wherever the other good teams are going to be, generally in the Chicago suburbs. Despite having mobility issues, Greene is among Illinois' most traveled coaches. At tournaments, she is often pressed into reading as she is competent in both her reading style and in the rules of the game.

With the exception of 2011, Greene took her Auburn team to every HSNCT from 2007 to 2017, and has finished in the top 20 six times, including fifth place finishes in 2012 and 2016. 2016 also saw Greene lead Auburn to their 9th PACE NSC.

As a board member of the IHSSBCA, Greene has been a long standing advocate for good quizbowl.

For her work on behalf of the players and coaches of the state, she was jointly awarded (with David Riley) the 2012 Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award.

Greene retired from teaching after the 2016-17 season, and despite some verbal assurances that she would continue coaching, she was not retained as coach by Auburn. She was succeeded by Elisabeth Zorn.

In 2016, Greene was selected as an interviewee by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library for its oral history project on the history of the IHSA. Greene was selected as the representative for Scholastic Bowl.

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