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Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, Louisiana
Current President or Coach Nick Collins
National championships

The Louisiana Tech University Quiz Bowl Team was founded by Nick Collins in 2013.

Tournaments Attended

Season 1

Louisiana Tech's first season of Quiz Bowl came with some interesting experiences for all involved, including 1st place in the team's first ever tournament. However, the season ended disappointingly with a horrible performance at MUT.

10/19/13 Michigan Fall at Louisiana-Lafayette

Result: Despite the incomplete stats, Louisiana Tech placed 1st at this tournament after winning the first game of an advantaged final against Tulane, only to have Tulane forfeit the final match and go home.

11/2/13 ACF Fall 2013 at Seven Lakes High School

Result: Louisiana Tech placed 8th at this tournament after making the top bracket by defeating Texas A&M in a tiebreaker match and going winless in that bracket.

3/22/14 MUT 2014 at Louisiana-Lafayette

Result: Louisiana Tech finished 4th at this tournament after making the top bracket and completely blowing it. After a 110-110 tie with Rice, Louisiana Tech stormed ahead to take a 210-110 with 3 questions left. After a Louisiana Tech player said, "Well, that got out of hand quickly!" Rice destroyed the last 3 tossup-bonus pairs and enjoyed a 220-210 victory. A frustrated Nick Collins was too busy being mad to properly play the last 2 games, leading to disappointing defeats.

Season 2

Louisiana Tech's second season of Quiz Bowl was accompanied by nearly an entire new roster of players. Highlights include the first tournament to which Louisiana Tech brought multiple teams.

10/4/14 ICCS at Louisiana Tech

Result: Louisiana Tech's ICCS mirror was the first ever collegiate tournament hosted by the university. It was attended by two novice teams each from Louisiana Tech and Tulane. Louisiana Tech placed its two best novices on two different teams, leading to predictable 2nd and 3rd place finishes as they were stomped by Tulane's Alec Stewart.

10/18/14 Penn Bowl at Louisiana-Lafayette

Result: Louisiana Tech placed 3rd in its first regular difficulty tournament. Despite the 3-6 record, Louisiana Tech did not play that much worse than its opponents, leaving a lot of optimism in the hearts of its players for future tournaments.

11/08/14 ACF Fall 2014 at Alabama.

Result: Louisiana Tech A placed 4th in this tournament, while Louisiana Tech B placed 8th after making the top bracket and losing out.

Tournaments Hosted

2/1/4 Louisiana Tech Winter Tournament

Result: 1st Place: Caddo Magnet, 2nd Place: River Oaks, 3rd Place: West Monroe

10/4/14 ICCS at Louisiana Tech

Result: 1st Place: Tulane Squidninjas, 2nd Place: Louisiana Tech Red (Blood Cells), 3rd Place: Louisiana Tech Blue (Riders)