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University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA
Current President or Coach Jake Sundberg
National championships None

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is home to the most underrated tandem that no one knows a damn thing about, Jake Sundberg and Scott Broussard.


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Club for Academic Competition (which has to be the longest official name for any quizbowl organization) was founded by Matthew Hayes and another University of Louisiana student in September 2001. It has hosted an annual high school quizbowl tournament every fall since 2002.

The team has competed in NAQT sectionals every year since 2003, sometimes sending multiple teams, other times just sending one.

In 2006, the ULLCAC took home its first and only ever sectional title, winning the DII Southwest SCT with a record of 10-3, and advancing to NAQT ICT for the first time in its history.

ACF Tournaments Attended

ACF Fall 2006 was the ULLCAC's first official visit to any ACF tournament. The club had been unable to attend in the past due to the fact that its high school tournament was always run on the same day as ACF Fall.

ACF Fall 2006 at Vanderbilt: 8-6, tied for 7th place. Participating members include Jake Sundberg, Scott Broussard, Matthew Hayes, and Bryan Fontenot.

ACF Fall 2007 at Shorter College: 6-5, 16th place. Participating members include Jake Sundberg and Sumedh Deoras. Unfortunately, the team lost two round-robin matches on the last tossup, which pushed them from a spot in the "Championship Flight" to the bottom-third of an immense 21-team field.

National Tournaments Attended

2006 NAQT ICT: 5-8, 25th place.

Other Tournaments Attended

Various incarnations of the Route 66 Classic at the University of Oklahoma.

Ole Sarge Open at Texas A&M University, October 2004.

Sword Bowl Mirror at the University of Oklahoma, January 2006.

Golden Hurricane Open II at the University of Tulsa, October 2006.

Gateway Invitational Tournament XIII at WUSTL, April 2007.

Ragnarok I, September 2007.

Center of the Known Universe Open at UTC, October 2007.

College Tournaments Hosted

UL Lafayette Juniorbird Tournament, January 26, 2002

UL Lafayette Undergraduate Tournament, September 30, 2003

Old Cajun Grandma Invitational I, October 22, 2005

Gumbowl I, April 2006

Old Cajun Grandma Invitational II, October 27, 2007

High School Tournaments Hosted

UL Lafayette Annual Fall Tournament, 2002-2007

NAQT Louisiana State Championship, 2007. We are hosting this year as well, on either 3/15 or 3/29.

2007-2008 Season Results

Ragnarok I: 9-4, T-3rd place. Participating members include Jake Sundberg, Joe Torres, and Anthony Mai -- although the latter two split duties due to CUT rules.

COTKU: 2-7, 9th place. Participating members include Jake Sundberg, Sumedh Deoras, Joe Torres, and Kevin Maher. Got in a bad accident the day before the tournament but still went play.

ACF Fall 2007: 6-5, 16th place. Participating members include Jake Sundberg and Sumedh Deoras.

Active Players

Jake Sundberg (Senior, Captain)

German Acuna (Senior)

Charmika Stewart (Senior)

Sumedh Deoras (Junior)

Kevin Maher (Junior)

Anthony Mai (Freshman)

Joe Torres (Freshman)


Jake Sundberg, President

German Acuna, Vice President

Joe Torres, Secretary

Charmika Stewart, Treasurer

Retired/Inactive Players/Alumni

Matthew Hayes (Case Western Reserve)

Scott Broussard

Chris Fontenot

Bryan Fontenot

Danielle Matt

Michael Williams, Jr. (Louisiana Tech)

Constance Milton

Danielle St. Julien

Kisha Ingalls

Michelle Granger

Jennifer Reinert

Ian Everett

T.C. Adams

Alex Abshire

Brandon DeCuir

Erin Peytral

John Olivier

Kandra Bernis

Justin Lemaire

Josh Garry

Jessica Freeman