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Musical Arts Remote Cooperation Audio Tournament
Competition season 2019-2020
Head editor(s) John Lawrence, Wonyoung Jang
Difficulty Open
First mirror August 3rd-15th, 2020
Announcement link

MARCATo (Musical Arts Remote Cooperation Audio Tournament) was the first-ever remote cooperation audio tournament, a format invented by John Lawrence, who co-edited the tournament with Wonyoung Jang. Noah Prince was responsible for designing the program used to run the tournament on Qblitz.

It featured 12 rounds of tossups, which were half arts (classical, jazz, etc.) and half trash (rock, pop, etc.). Its first mirror was won by The Bookbinders (Albert Bellefeuille, Ian Plansker). Its second mirror, which featured many players from outside of the quizbowl community, was won by Andy Kravis and Bill Patschak.

Its positive reception and the clear advantages of using such a format during the COVID-19 pandemic led to a rapid succession of other tournaments in the same format, such as PAveMENT, MIKE, and LIBERACE.