Wonyoung Jang

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Wonyoung Jang
Noted subjects Literature, Music, Popular Culture
Current college Chicago (2018–2022)
High school Belmont (2017–2018)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Wonyoung Jang plays for Chicago and previously played for Belmont. He is the brother of Seiyoung Jang.

Wonyoung has been dubbed the "common-link king" due to his flair for writing whimsical common link questions, usually those of the "mixed impure academic" variety. He also played on the Chicago team that finished in second place at the Division II 2019 ICT.

Outside of quizbowl, Wonyoung is the music director of an a cappella group. He is also a devoted supporter of the New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics.

Writing and Editing

In addition to writing for NAQT, Wonyoung's writing and editing credits include: