Marquette (Alton)

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Marquette Catholic Explorers
Alton, Illinois
Coaches Thomas Koehler
State Championships none
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown
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Marquette Catholic High School is a private high school in Alton, Illinois located on the northside of Metro-East St. Louis. It competes in Class AA, the "large school" division of the Illinois High School Association's (IHSA) State Championship Series. The Explorers compete in the Prairie State Conference in all IHSA affiliated activities. The scholastic bowl team also competes in the Metro East Quad League. The team is coached by Thomas Koehler.

Marquette saw its most notable success in the mid-2000's when it placed 4th at the 2005 IHSA State Championship Tournament. The team remained competitive into the 2010's until the emergence of Litchfield & Southwestern.

Notable Team Accomplishments

  • IHSA State Tournament: 2005 - 4th Place (1A)
  • IHSA Sectional titles: 2006-1A, 2005-1A
  • IHSA Regional titles: 2024-1A, 2017-1A, 2012-1A, 2011-1A, 2009-1A, 2008-1A, 2006-1A, 2005-1A
  • Prairie State Conference Champions: 2020, 2019, 2016
  • IHSSBCA Turnabout Champions: 2014

Individual Awards

IHSSBCA All-Sectional Honorees

  • 2015: Tom Hart (2A)
  • 2014: Tom Hart (2A)
  • 2012: Lucas Stanfield (1A)
  • 2011: Cody Taylor (1A)
  • 2010: Cody Taylor, Zach Eggering (1A)
  • 2009: Alex Smith (1A)
  • 2008: Christian Vitali (1A)
  • 2007: Nicholas Morgan (1A)
  • 2006: David Hernandez, Matthew Vitali (1A)
  • 2005: Alexander Morgan (1A)

IHSSBCA All-State Honorees

  • 2009: Alex Smith (First Team) Class 1A
  • 2007: Nicholas Morgan (Second Team) Class 1A
  • 2006: David Hernandez (Second Team) Class 1A
  • 2005: Alexander Morgan (Second Team) Class 1A