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The Missouri Quizbowl Message Board, located at moquizbowl.com, is the primary forum for discussing quizbowl in Missouri.

Discussions on the board mostly pertain to middle and high school events held in Missouri. In the board's first few years, the majority of these events were in a format similar to that used by MSHSAA, which has overseen quizbowl in Missouri since 1996. The board's focus has since shifted, especially following the formation of the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance in late 2008, to primarily discussing and promoting good quizbowl tournaments, including encouraging increased attendance at HSNCT and PACE NSC.


The board was launched in 2004 as the "Missouri Academic Competition Message Board" by James Patterson, and has been located at moquizbowl.com since late 2007. Matt Chadbourne and Jeffrey Hill have served as board administrators since October 2008.

A Java chat applet was previously available on the site, but ultimately disappeared as the free hosting account on which it was maintained was probably deactivated due to inactivity. In April 2009, chat returned to the site in the form of the #moquizbowl channel on SlashNET, which is now rarely used.

In October 2008, less than a week after Matt and Jeffrey were promoted to board administrators, the board was involuntarily migrated to the ZetaBoards platform, to everyone's dissatisfaction. In November 2009, Jeffrey converted the board to phpBB3 and moved it to his server, resulting in the removal of advertisements, among other improvements.

The board was renamed in 2015 to reflect the more common name for quizbowl and the fact that MSHSAA hasn't officially used the term "Academic Competition" since 2010. (MSHSAA now refers to the activity as "Scholar Bowl".)


  • The Tournament Announcements and Discussion board is for tournament announcements, results, and discussion of specific tournaments. It was added in February 2009 to emphasize the concept of announcing tournaments online, as Missouri tournaments often go unannounced online until someone discovers a scheduling conflict that adversely affects one that was prominently announced.
  • The General Discussion board is for general quizbowl topics that don't apply to specific tournaments.
  • The Miscellaneous board is for discussion of non-quizbowl related topics.
  • The College Quizbowl board was added in early 2007 due to the large number of members who play quizbowl at the collegiate level.
  • A Coaches' Forum is accessible exclusively by coaches.