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Multiple choice questions provide players with a list of possible answers, one of which is correct.

It should be noted that good questions may limit the answer space to a finite number of answers. For example, a question with the phrase "this U.S. President" narrows down the number of possible correct answers to 46. Nevertheless, because the player is not given a list of possible answers to choose from, such scope-narrowing phrases do not make a question multiple choice.

Because they allow for a team with zero knowledge to earn points simply by guessing, multiple choice questions are generally considered a part of bad quizbowl. This is especially true for multiple-choice tossups due to their inherent lack of pyramidality.

Formats that use multiple choice questions



Formats that no longer use multiple choice questions

  • IHSA (multiple choice is allowed for analogy vocabulary questions only, which have not appeared for at least a decade)
  • NAQT ("X, Y, both, or neither", deprecated)