Nick Dai

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Nick Dai
Noted subjects Religion
Current college UC San Diego
High school Westview (CA)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT page

Nicholas "Nick" Dai is a player for UC San Diego. Earlier, he attended Westview High School of Southern California. He is notable for his deep knowledge in religion, but is best known for his extremely aggressive playstyle which has led to him setting numerous national neg records on certain sets. Most notably, Nick led UC San Diego to a record 6.2 negs per game on MRNA Vaccine.

In 2021, Nick Dai led Westview to a 12th place national finish at 2021 HSNCT.

Fun Facts

  • Nick was the first high school student to ever edit ACF Regionals, as he edited religion for the 2021 edition of the set.
  • During the 2021 NSC, Nick alongside the rest of Westview's A team was the subject of controversy after teams complained about him conferring bonuses with his teammates in Chinese.
  • Nick is also the first and only student to have a recorded successful buzz before the beginning of a tossup, after he converted "Shakespearean Sonnets" on a moderator note of "author and type of work required" at 2020 ACF Fall.