2020 ACF Fall

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2020 ACF Fall
Competition season 2020-2021
Series ACF Fall
Head editor(s) Ben Miller
Difficulty College easy
First mirror October 17, 2020
Announcement link
Packets link

2020 ACF Fall was held online over the weekend of October 17, 2020 at twenty regional sites, including two high school-only mirrors. The tournament was head-edited by Ben Miller, who was assisted by Sarah Benner, Justin Duffy, Halle Friedman, Alex Hardwick, Arjun Nageswaran, and Karthik Prasad.

Results (Collegiate Sites)

Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer Statistics
Northeast Harvard Ricky Li and Alice Zhang MIT A Amherst B Michael Finnegan [1]
Upper Mid-Atlantic NYU Theresa Nyowheoma Rutgers A Johns Hopkins A Alex Suponya [2]
Lower Mid-Atlantic UNC Eric Gunter Maryland A Duke A Connor Mayers [3]
Overflow for Northeast/Mid-Atlanic: Stony Brook Jade Anderson, Jade Anderson, and Michael Kearney Brandeis A Williams A Eli Issokson [4]
Southeast South Carolina Eric Douglass Vanderbilt A South Carolina Aidan Leahy [5]
Great Lakes UChicago Matthew Lehmann Ohio State A Case Western A Henry Greentree [6]
Midwest UIUC Iain Carpenter Chicago B Kentucky A Will Yaeger [7]
North Carleton Nina Kaushikkar Minnesota A (UG) Iowa A Sophie Netzel [8]
South Central Rice Emmy Alme Texas A&M B Alabama A Pablo Lloyd [9]
Mountain West + Northwest: Berkeley Rahul Keyal UCSD A UCLA Brian Lin [10]
Eastern Canada McGill Henry Atkins British Columbia A McGill A Jet Dong [11]
UK UKCB ? Oxford A UCL Koshiro Kiso [12]

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