North Kansas City Junior Varsity Tournament

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The North Kansas City Junior Varsity Tournament is an annual tournament held by North Kansas City.


Earlier iterations of the tournament were run on the same day as NKC's Varsity tournament in a four-quarter format. In the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 seasons, the JV tournament was held separately in November. The tournament used single-elimination playoffs until the retirement of coach Larry Allen after the 2009-2010 season.

In the 2008-2009 season, the tournament was held in conjunction with the Varsity tournament on January 17, 2009. The tournament used games consisting of two halves of 8 tossups/bonuses from NAQT IS-82A (which the Varsity division was using in the 20 tossup/bonus format) with a presumably housewritten worksheet [1]. The next season, the tournament switched to the twenty tossup-bonus format, mirroring the Fall Novice Tournament in November.

Since the November 2011 iteration, the tournament has mirrored various novice sets (usually SCOP Novice) using pooled preliminary rounds followed by rebracketing into playoff and consolation pools, meaning this tournament has consistently offered 7-9 rounds to all teams using good questions and a fair schedule longer than any other Kansas City area tournament. Consolation rounds were not offered after the 7 preliminary rounds in 2013 and were announced as optional in 2015. After Pat O'Keefe took over as head coach in fall 2016, participating teams are now expected to compete in scheduled consolation rounds to ensure all teams are guaranteed 8-9 rounds of competition and to keep afternoon scheduling predictable, bringing the tournament in line with other MOQBA tournaments.

Known Results

Year Champion Second Field Size Set
Dec 2004 Savannah Lee's Summit A Unknown Unknown
Jan 2006 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Nov 2006 Savannah Lee's Summit 20 Housewritten
Nov 2007 Park Hill South Unknown 22 Housewritten
Jan 2009 Lee's Summit North? [2] Park Hill A 22 NAQT IS-82A + Worksheets
Nov 2009 Liberty William Chrisman 14 Fall Novice
2010-2011 No tournament scheduled due to coaching change
Nov 2011 Smithville Lawrence (KS) 18 Fall Novice
Nov 2012 Smithville Park Hill South 16 SCOP Novice
Nov 2013 Liberty North Smithville 15 Fall Kickoff Tournament
Nov 2014 Canceled due to lack of interest SCOP Novice
Oct 2015 Lee's Summit West Winnetonka 16 SCOP Novice
Oct 2016 Lee's Summit West Blue Winnetonka 12 SCOP Novice