Oliver Clarke

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Oliver 'Oli' Clarke
Noted subjects Classics, History, Religion And Mythology
Past colleges Oxford (2012-2016, 2018-2022)

St Andrews (2017-18)

Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Oli Clarke is a retired quizbowler at Oxford, where he routinely played for Oxford A during his graduate degree in Ancient History, having played on both Oxford A and B during his undergrad. He also played for St Andrews during his master's, including playing solo at 2018 ACF Regionals. He is widely regarded as one of the strongest players in the UK, especially on the topic of classics. He has written and edited several years of OOT and COOT, including head editing the 2023 edition with Joseph Krol, as well as the vanity tournament OCTAVIAN, a very difficult all-classics set. He once stated some views about mythology on the forums

Other Oli lore

  • Oli has auditioned to appear on University Challenge nine times, but has never gone on. Predictably, when he went to play a test match outside the regular season, he absolutely dominated.