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Omar Q Beckins Academic Challenge, sometimes known as the Omar Q Beckins Invitational/Tournament, or variations on that name, is an annual spring Chip Beall Questions Unlimited tournament in Westchester County, NY. It is usually hosted by White Plains High School since its inception in 1990 and usually serves as a sort of pre-nationals for National Academic Championship-bound teams.


Year Winner Second
1991 White Plains Monroe
1992 White Plains Irvington
1993 Byram Hills Horace Greeley
1994 White Plains Horace Greeley
1995 White Plains New Rochelle
1996 St. Joseph's White Plains
1997 Waramug Carmel (NY)
1998 Ridgewood Somers
1999 Ridgewood Horace Greeley
2000 White Plains New Rochelle
2002 Kellenberg Memorial Horace Greeley
2003 Horace Greeley Kellenberg Memorial
2004 Hastings A Hastings B
2005 Byram Hills Horace Greeley
2006 Byram Hills White Plains
2007 New Rochelle A Horace Greeley A
2008 New Rochelle Edgemont
2009 White Plains Horace Greeley
2010 Byram Hills Horace Greeley
2011 White Plains Ardsley
2012 Ardsley White Plains
2013 Irvington White Plains
2014 Briarcliff Horace Greeley
2015 ??? ???
2016 ??? ???
2017 Croton ???
2018 Croton Greens Farms
2019 ??? ???
2020 Not Held

(Les Roby, coach of White Plains, gives teams a packet of previous results on the morning that competition begins and emails a write-up to teams following the tournament. Most of these haven't been posted elsewhere, therefore future results may be to come by)

Hall of Fame

Les Roby awards Hall of Fame status to competitors who have been honored with all-tournament-team status multiple times in a row. Most members of the Hall of Fame have been MVP's of at least one tournament and have been in at least one final four round.

Name School Year Inducted or MVP years
Michael Collins White Plains MVP 1991
Chris Brunelli Walter Panas MVP 1993
Rory Gormley Clarkstown North MVP 1994
Steve Lawrie White Plains MVP 1995,1996
Andrew Toonkel Horace Greeley 1996
Jeff Filipini Carmel MVP 1997
Joe Alderman Irvington 1998
Dave Madden Ridgewood MVP 1998
Ben Aronin White Plains 2002
Warren Tusk Briarcliff MVP 2001
Nick Giglia Kellenberg Memorial MVP 2003
Dan Wolkowitz Hastings MVP 2002
Sara Sheer Horace Greeley 2004
Nate Mattison Byram Hills MVP 2004,2005,2006
Sam Casper Hastings 2006
Soumya Sanyal White Plains 2006
Rebecca Maxfield New Rochelle MVP 2008
Jacob Paul White Plains 2009
Jack Wooley St. Joseph's 2009
Sam Caywood Horace Greeley 2010
Paul Kim Horace Greeley 2010
Adam Jaffe White Plains MVP 2011
Ryan Rosenberg Ardsley MVP 2012
Alec Vulfson Irvington MVP 2013
Tong Li Briarcliff MVP 2014
Jacob Brady White Plains MVP 2015, 2016
James Brandfonbrener Edgemont MVP 2017
Joel Gardner Hastings MVP 2018
Jack Mahoney Croton 2018