PORTA Class A Varsity Invitational

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The PORTA Class A Varsity Invitational is a high school tournament hosted by PORTA. It should not be confused with the IHSSBCA Kickoff, which sometimes uses PORTA as a site, or the PORTA Frosh/Soph. The PORTA Class A Varsity Invitational is only for small schools, with the cutoff somewhere in the vicinity of 600 students. It is directed by Mark Grant and takes place in late January.

The tournament did not take place in 2015. Most of the teams that had attended in the past played at the Riverton Class A Invitational at Riverton High School on January 31, 2015. It is unclear as to whether or not PORTA will host the Class A Invite in the future.


Year Question Source # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
2009 ??? 16 PORTA Williamsville New Berlin Warrensburg-Latham
2010 Questions Galore & Bryce Avery 16 PORTA New Berlin Williamsville Warrensburg-Latham
2011 NAQT IS-100 15 PORTA Williamsville Warrensburg-Latham Litchfield
2012 Norcross BDAT 20 Litchfield Peoria Heights PORTA Cumberland
2013 NAQT 20 Carlinville Dwight Greenville Southwestern
2014 NAQT IHSA 15-24 16 Williamsville Litchfield Auburn Pleasant Plains