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Patricia Beecham-Cooper is a judge and former coach for Reach for the Top.


Beecham was a teacher at Martingrove in Etobicoke, Ontario. She was part of the revival in 1989 to bring Reach back as a national competition. She led her school to great success in the early 1990s, including a nationals appearance in 1993 where they ended up losing to a team from Renfrew.

In 1996, Beecham won the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Teaching.


Paquet and Beecham are perplexed by an answer at the 2002 Ontario playoffs

Beecham retired from teaching high school and offered professional development for educators. Upon her coaching retirement, she became a judge for Reach for the Top. She is the official judge for the Ontario and national competitions. In televised portions, she judges all games, though often with the help of backstage assistance. She has judged with Paul Paquet and Ravi Lall in the past.