Peter Burton

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Peter Burton
Noted Subjects:
History, Geography, Math, US Politics and General Knowledge
Current Collegiate Team UWO (2007-2008), Toronto (2008-)
Past Collegiate Teams
High School Team London Central (2003-07)
Middle School Team None

Peter Burton is a player at the University of Toronto. He is sometimes regarded as one of the top Reach for the Top players in the 21st century, mainly due to his performance in the 2007 Reach for the Top season, when he played for London Central.

High School

In 2007, Burton led London Central to an undefeated season, with uncontested victories in both the Ontario provincials and the Canadian nationals. While his teammates were also talented, Burton answered nearly almost question, single-handedly defeating numerous teams along the way. Notable examples of this include a 200-point margin victory over Lisgar, where Burton answered all but two of his team's questions.


Burton continued playing quizbowl in university, continuing his success. His first appearance was at Ontario Bowl in 2007, where he, along with two of his teammates from London Central, finished in 3rd place as an all-frosh team. He would go on to lead his team to the ICT, where he would finish as the second-highest scorer in his freshman year en route to Western Ontarios's second-place finish in Division II- the highest finish ever by a Canadian team at the ICT. Burton also played at the 2008 VETO. He then transferred to the University of Toronto, where he has played in ACF Winter, ACF Regionals, NAQT SCT and the NAQT ICT.