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This bounty system exists to incentivize the maintenance and expansion of the QBWiki. In this way it is largely an addendum to the existing projects like Missing Articles, which are meant to organize such efforts.

Kevin Wang is the head of this project and is responsible for organizing it and distributing payment - direct questions towards him.


  • All bounties that involving creating new page necessarily require that the resulting page is adequately fleshed out. At minimum, a page must be functional in its primary purpose - if it is a page for a tournament, it should document when and what happened; if it's a page for a person it should list their affiliations; etc. In all cases, the appropriate categories and infoboxes should be included. The pages for relevant subprojects should contain more specific instructions.
    • Be sure to reference the QBWiki:Style Guide to get a grasp of general formatting. Many existing articles follow these guidelines as well and can be referenced.
    • Failure to meet standards of quality indicates that more work must be done to receive credit. For example, if a bounty requires five pages to be created and one of the submitted pieces of evidence for a submission isn't good enough, then notes will be left and the editor will be given the opportunity to improve the work or replace it with equivalent work.
    • Any information derived from the forums or the Discord should be sourced as a reference, ideally in standard formatting. For an example of such formatting, see the section on references in the style guide.
  • Any work that involves work with another project should aim to keep their progress pages updated.
  • Redirects do not count towards any bounties involving page creation.
  • After completing a task, one should visit the progress page for the task (accessible by clicking the ID of the bounty) and add a new row to the table with any requisite evidence, then tag the project head.
  • Work that satisfies the criteria for a bounty may be submitted after the fact (that is, one does not need to be consciously working towards a bounty to receive its reward). However, this only applies to work that was done after the start of the program - all edits must be dated after the 20th of July, 2022 to be eligible for bounties.
  • No work can count towards two separate bounties.

Active bounties

ID Task Reward Remaining claims Total claims Instructions
#1 Create 5 wanted articles $ 6 8 10 To complete this task:
  • Create five new pages from the first few pages of the list of Wanted pages.
#2 Create 10 missing articles $ 5.50 10 10 To complete this task:
#4 Create the page "COVID-19 pandemic" $ 22 1 1 To complete this task:
  • Create the COVID-19 pandemic page
  • Discuss the rise in online quizbowl
  • List tournaments that were affected - in particular, discuss the impact on each respective nationals
  • Cover the effect of the pandemic in each year from 2020 to present

Note that, as of July 24, 2022, the page already exists but is a joke page for a fictional set - this should be replaced.

#6 Create pages for all sets in the 2022-2023 season $ 27.50 1 1 To complete this task:
  • If not already created, create the page 2022-2023 using Template:The year of
    • List all college tournaments in the "College quizbowl" section
    • List all high school tournaments in the "High school quizbowl" section - NAQT IS/IS-A sets are optional
  • Create pages for every tournament - each should have a tournament infobox, a list of editors, and a link to the announcement
Remaining bounties $152.50 Total bounties $163.50

Completed bounties

ID Task Reward Remaining claims Total claims Instructions
#3 Create the page "Quizbowl in the United Kingdom" $ 22 0 1 To complete this task:
  • Create the page Quizbowl in the United Kingdom.
  • Incorporate information about (at minimum) the history of BSQC and University Challenge and the role they've played in the circuit.
  • Discuss, at least in passing, the British quiz circuit.
  • Provide a partial or better summary of which teams have been active.
#5 Create the page "Zoom" $ 11 0 1 To complete this task:
  • Create the Zoom page
  • Discuss major advantages/disadvantages of the platform versus alternatives, both modern (e.g. Discord) and historical (e.g. Skype)
  • List major tournaments using Zoom, in particular national tournaments
  • Provide links to guides for running Zoom tournaments and brief summaries of their content
Remaining bounties $0 Total bounties $33