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Prior to NAQT's presence in Asia, participation in quiz bowl was fairly limited, though teams like Shanghai-American-Puxi participated in multiple HSNCTs, most notable being Puxi's 16th-place finish at the 2006 HSNCT.

SAS-Puxi hosted the first good quizbowl tournament in China in November 2012 and has subsequently hosted the Concordia Invitational annually, sparking the formation of the Asian Circuit of quizbowl.

At the same time, David Madden developed IHBB, and has since then hosted local tournaments in various cities across Asia, culminating in an annual Asian Championship usually held at the Marriott Khao Lak resort in Thailand.

In 2018, NAQT revived the NAQT Asian Championship, with the 2018 edition hosted in Singapore and the 2019 division hosted in China. The 2020 iteration (slated to be hosted in Seoul) was canceled due to the COVID pandemic, but coaches in the Asian Circuit held an online tournament run on SCOTTIE. The 2021 and 2022 iterations both took place online and ran on NAQT sets and were organized by Seoul Foreign School (SFS).

Notable Achievements by the Asian Quizbowl Teams/Players



2022 International History Olympiad:

  • Yanni B Ranollo (Varsity)—Popular Music History Bee (Gold), East Asian History Bee (Gold), History Bee (Silver)
  • Jayden Choe (Junior Varsity)—Historiography (Gold), Aerospace History Bee (Bronze)
  • Luke Ng (MS)—History Bee (Gold), Ancient History Bee (Gold), Poland Country Exam (Gold), East Asian History Exam (Bronze)

High School teams

A list of Asian teams that are active in the Asian circuit.


A non-exhaustive list of Asian quizbowlers who have had substantial success at high-level tournaments:

  • Katherine Enright, Singapore American School, Harvard University (2018 NAQT Asian Championship Winner)
  • Boyang Hou, Hwa Chong Institution, Cambridge University (2017 IHBB Asian Bee & Bowl Champion)
  • Samuel Foo, Raffles Institution, Cambridge University (2019 IHBB Asian Bee Champion)
  • Elizabeth Enright, Dulwich College Singapore (2018 NAQT Asian Championship 1st Individual PPG)
  • Ying Zhi Nyang, Hwa Chong Institution, London School of Economics (Founder of Asian Quizbowl Alliance)
  • Danny Han, Hong Kong International School, University of Pennsylvania (2019 Asian Academic Quizbowl Alliance Winner)
  • Holden Doherty, Seoul Foreign School, Reed College
  • Rayhan Puthucherry,Sunway International