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Randall Maas is a prolific undergraduate Dartmouth College Bowler set to graduate in 2009.

Randall Maas
Noted Subjects:
Social Science, Geography, Nernst Equation, European History
Current Collegiate Team Dartmouth (2006-)
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team None
Middle School Team None

High School

Randall Maas has lived in California, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. Living in the Quad-City Areas, he led his high school academic team to the finals.

Dartmouth Career

Appearing at NAQT Sectionals 2006, his skill was made manifest. He powered 12 questions, including a William Blake tossup to win a game against Villanova.

After more solid performances, he headed to Germany. Upon his return, his presence brought the team a 32-10 record, including a 2nd place finish at Division II ICT.