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Hanover, NH
Current President or Coach Cameron Orth
National championships

Dartmouth College is a private institution in Hanover, NH. Despite being located in the middle of nowhere, the team routinely drives several hours to come to events in Boston and Providence, all of which they usually place decently in. They won 2nd place at the 2007 ICT Division II, losing to a Chris Ray-led Maryland. A team consisting of Dominic, Randall, James, and Tiberiu made the top bracket of 2008 ACF Nationals and won 2nd place in the undergraduate rankings after losing the UG final to Minnesota, whom they had beaten in the playoffs a few rounds earlier.

After slowing down to a near-halt after the 2010 graduation, the team went to more than half a dozen tournaments in the 2011-12 season, including ICTLite at Virginia Tech 2012 Penn Bowl, 2012 ACF Nationals and Chicago Open 2012.


Were originally going to host a packet-submission event entitled "Hanover is a Hard Road to Travel" in spring of 2007; hopes remain high that this event will be revived (or just "vived", but that's not a word).


A notation of *** indicates the player may continue to play as an undergraduate after their class year. Similarly, a notation of **** is the equivalent of adding .5 to their class year, implying that through hilarious fail they will certainly be playing an extra year.

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