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Truman sKnow Bowl was an annual varsity and junior varsity tournament hosted by Truman High School in early January. The tournament was discontinued after the 2015 season and the Lee's Summit West Titan Tournament now runs on its traditional early January weekend.

The tournament is run in MSHSAA format or a similar four quarter format and always consists of a pre-determined number of Swiss-paired rounds (traditionally 5, but increased to 6 for 2010 and 2011), before determining final placement by record and points. The Varsity questions are usually provided by the vendor producing the season's MSHSAA districts and state sets. Since NAQT became the MSHSAA question provider in 2011, the varsity tournament has used an A-set but modified to a four quarter format.

The 2011 edition of the Varsity tournament used questions from IS-99A modified to a variant of the MSHSAA format that replaced the fourth quarter of tossup/bonuses with a third quarter worksheet, despite the fact that NAQT produced four MSHSAA format sets that year. One of these sets was assigned at the time to Savannah, which had originally been assigned IS-103A before that set was taken away for use in the districts/state series. Instead of giving Savannah IS-99A, which had only been seen by ten St. Louis area schools at the St. Louis University Academic Competition, NAQT assigned Savannah one of the Missouri format sets, so when Truman requested a set, none of the Missouri format sets were available. As a result, NAQT allowed Truman to use IS-99A for their tournament even though Savannah had originally requested an A-set and it would have been significantly easier for Truman to modify Savannah's Missouri set to their desired format. [1] (Savannah eventually switched to IS-98, which was not well-received by the smaller schools in its northwestern Missouri audience.)

The Junior Varsity questions have historically been written by Truman's varsity team and are of poor quality, usually containing excessive random trivia [2] and difficulty-inappropriate questions like calculating derivatives [3].

The use of record and points to determine a champion without any additional playoffs has received widespread criticism on the Missouri Academic Competition Message Board because of the tendency for unusual placements. For instance, in 2007, North Kansas City, Liberty, and Savannah each completed the tournament with a 4-1 record; North Kansas City won the tournament despite the fact that their only loss came to Liberty and they never played Savannah, while Liberty and Savannah played each other twice, with each winning one. [4][5] Other unusual results include an undefeated Liberty JV team placing second behind another undefeated team [6] and instances of a large number of teams finishing 4-1 [7][8].

Results since 2005

Year Varsity Junior Varsity
Champion Second Third Champion Second Third
2005 Liberty Savannah Blue Springs? Savannah Oak Park unknown
2006 Savannah Liberty Helias Savannah Oak Park Helias B
2007 North Kansas City Savannah Liberty Truman Blue Springs Lee's Summit North
2008 North Kansas City Liberty Truman Blue Springs South Park Hill Lee's Summit North
2009 Truman Hickman Rock Bridge Liberty Hickman Truman
2010 unknown
2011 Truman Liberty Smithville Liberty North William Chrisman Pilot Grove
2012 Liberty Savannah Smithville unknown
2013 North Kansas City Park Hill South Fort Osage unknown
2014 Smithville Savannah Park Hill South unknown
2015 Savannah Liberty North St. Joseph Central unknown