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Helias Crusaders
Jefferson City, MO
Club President None
Coaches Michelle Oliver
State Championships 2010 NAQT
National Championships
National Appearances Unknown
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown

Helias Catholic High School is a private high school located in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Team History

Shelley Swoyer coached the team from 2000 to 2015. As one of the earliest supporters of pyramidal quizbowl in Missouri, she led Helias to become one of the most active teams in central Missouri. The team continues to participate in numerous tournaments under new coach Michelle Oliver, often fielding three or four teams per tournament.

The team hosted the annual Helias Tournament before it went on hiatus after Swoyer's retirement in 2015. It is not known if the tournament will return in future seasons.

Helias placed second at the 2008 NAQT Missouri Qualifier and seventh at the 2009 Qualifier. Furthermore, Helias placed second at the University of Missouri-Columbia's Tiger Bowl in Spring 2009 and sixth at its Missouri Fall Tournament. Helias reached the 2009 MSHSAA State Championship, placing 7th in preliminaries after going 0-3.

Helias won the 2010 NAQT Missouri Qualifier and placed second in 2011. Helias is the only team that has attended every NAQT Missouri Qualifier.

National Competition

Helias attended the 2006 NAQT HSNCT after qualifying at an NAQT tournament at Rock Bridge, going 2-8 and placing 120th. The team played under the name "Jeff City Wizards" upon instructions from MSHSAA that they could not officially accept their bid. Helias also attended the 2008 NAQT HSNCT after earning its bid by placing second at the 2008 NAQT Missouri Qualifier, placing 137th after going 4-6.

Helias earned a bid to the 2009 PACE NSC by finishing second at the 2009 Tiger Bowl, but did not attend.

Helias barely missed the playoffs at the 2010 HSNCT after going 5-5.

Helias placed 48th out of 60 teams at the 2011 PACE NSC.

Helias tied for 49th at the 2012 HSNCT, losing to Brookwood in their second playoff match after beating State College A in their first playoff match.

NAQT Missouri Champion
Preceded by
Succeeded by
North Kansas City

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