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Competition season 2012-13
School(s) Penn
Head editor(s) Eric Mukherjee
Difficulty College regular
First mirror October 20, 2012
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Penn-ance was a 2012 regular difficulty tournament written by Penn, to make up for the disastrous 2012 iteration of Penn Bowl. It was generally well-received. Eric Mukherjee served as the head editor.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Canada Toronto October 20, 2012 Michael Wainberg Toronto Ottawa Jordan Palmer Stats
Mid-Atlantic Penn October 20, 2012 Saajid Moyen Virginia Maryland A George Berry Stats
North Carleton College October 20, 2012 Max Henkel Minnesota A Minnesota B Andrew Hart Stats
Northeast MIT October 20, 2012 Olivia Murton Harvard A and Yale A* Brown B Matt Jackson Stats
Southeast Alabama October 20, 2012 Jonathan Thompson Georgia Tech A Alabama Order Dargan Ware Stats
Lower Midwest WUSTL October 27, 2012 Sean Phillips Illinois A Illinois B Ike Jose Stats
Midwest Ohio State October 27, 2012 Gerard Louis Michigan Ohio State Will Nediger Stats
Northwest Washington and Online December 1, 2012 Mike Bentley Rice A Washington C Henry Gorman Stats

* MIT forfeited its wins due to probable cheating, leaving Harvard A and Yale A tied for record.

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