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Carl Sandburg Eagles
Sandburg high school.jpg
Orland Park, Illinois
Coaches Jeff Brigham, Mike Woolley, Olivia Parker
National Appearances PACE: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023
Program Status active
School Size 2839
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Carl Sandburg High School is a public school in Orland Park, Illinois, which is a southwest suburb of Chicago. It competes in Class AA, the "big school" division, of the Illinois High School Association's State Championship series. The Eagles also compete in the Southwestern Suburban Conference. They have also been participants on Bergstrom Stateline.

Starting in 2016, they made the IHSA State Finals four years in a row after entering many invitationals, and they also started competing at National tournaments. The team is coached by Jeff Brigham, Mike Woolley, and Olivia Parker. Mike Woolley, who won the first IHSSBCA Coach of the Year Tom Durbin Award in 2018, continues to play a role with the team even though he is retired from teaching. The strong teams were paced by the Vainikos triplets, who graduated in 2019.

Sandburg became the main site for Scobol Solo starting in 2021.

Notable Team Accomplishments

  • IHSA State Tournament: 2018 - 4th Place (2A)
  • Masonic State Tournament: 2024 - 3rd Place (3A)
  • IHSSBCA NAQT Illinois State Championship: 2024 - 9th, 2023 - 17th, 2020 - 15th, 2019 - 19th, 2018 - 13th
  • IHSA Sectional titles: (8) 2023-2A, 2022-2A, 2021-2A, 2019-2A, 2018-2A, 2017-2A, 2016-2A, 2008-2A
  • IHSA Regional titles: (11) 2024-2A, 2023-2A, 2022-2A, 2021-2A, 2019-2A, 2018-2A, 2017-2A, 2016-2A, 2015-2A, 2013-2A, 2008-2A
  • Masonic Sectional titles: 2024-3A, 2022-3A, 2020-3A, 2018-3A
  • Southwestern Suburban Conference Champions: 2023, 2022, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

Individual Honors

IHSSBCA All-Sectional

  • 2024: Matt Mokrzycki, Brandon Torres, Hatice Caliskan (2A)
  • 2023: Matt Mokrzycki, Brandon Torres, Joseph Geovanes (2A)
  • 2022: Kaitlyn Kenney, Armin Pazooki (2A)
  • 2020: Eric Webb, Anthony Malysz, Kevin Lyvers (2A)
  • 2019: Anthony Vainikos, Sofia Vainikos, Ben Walter (2A)
  • 2018: Aristotle Vainikos, Claudia Danowski (2A)
  • 2017: Aristotle Vainikos, Chirag Shah (2A)
  • 2016: Yaseen Mozaffar, Helena Shaheen (2A)
  • 2015: Alex Sandoval, Helena Shaheen (2A)
  • 2014: Alex Sandoval (2A)


  • 2024: Matt Mokrzycki (Second Team) Class 2A
  • 2023: Brandon Torres (Second Team) Class 2A
  • 2019: Aristotle Vainikos (First Team) Class 2A
  • 2018: Aristotle Vainikos (First Team) Class 2A
  • 2017: Aristotle Vainikos (First Team) Class 2A

NAQT Individual Player National Championship Tournament

  • 2019 - Aristotle Vainikos - 33rd
  • 2018 - Aristotle Vainikos - 17th