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Sara Garnett is a former player.

High School

While at Okemos, Garnett played at the 2004 NAQT Michigan State Championship, helping her team to third place with an 8-1 record, posting a 6-31-1-51.30 stat line. At the 2005 HSNCT, Garnett led her team to a 7-6 record (tied for 20th place), posting a 9-61-16-57.08 statline. She finished 8th individually and qualified for the All-Star Team at the tournament.

In the Autumn of 2004, Garnett won the Scobol Solo at New Trier in Illinois. She became the first woman to win the tournament and the first person from outside of Illinois to win the tournament.


Garnett attended North Carolina where she served as the club's president from 2005-08. During that time her playing time was curtailed, playing in the 2006 ICT, helping the team to 15th place (6-7 record) in DI, posting a 3-10-5-8.28 statline.

In 2008, she helped North Carolina win their DI SCT with a 12-0 record. She posted a 5-29-3-29.05 statline. Despite the team winning the sectional, the team did not appear at the ICT that year.

She earned her BS in Biology with honors from North Carolina before moving on to a PhD program at Michigan State.


From February 27 to March 4, 2013, Garnett was a three-time champion on Jeopardy!. She won $77,403 on the show during her run.

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