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Seneca Fighting Irish
Seneca, Illinois
Coaches Earl Welsh
State Championships None
Program Status Active
School Size School Enrollment - 428
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Seneca is a public school located in Seneca, Illinois, southwest of Chicago near Interstate 80. It competes in Class A, the "small school" division, of the Illinois High School Association's (IHSA) State Championship Series. The program also competes in the Tri-County Conference, and are former members of the Interstate-8 Conference & Central Prairie League.

Seneca has had modest success over the years at various tournaments, benefitting due to their geography getting to compete against both "downstate" & Chicagoland teams like Lisle & Latin. The Fighting Irish also hold the distinction of being one of the better represented programs apart of the IHSSBCA All State Program for All-Sectional honorees.

Notable Team Accomplishments

  • IHSA Regional titles: 2018 (1A), 2015 (1A), 2014 (1A), 2008 (1A), 2007 (1A), 2004 (1A)
  • Masonic Sectional titles: 2014 (A), 2007
  • Tri-County Conference Champions: 2023
  • Interstate-8 Conference Champions: 2018

Individual Awards

IHSSBCA All-Sectional Honorees

  • 2018: Ryan Sandness, Jack Brudnak, Lane Weber (1A)
  • 2017: Ryan Sandness, Jack Brudnak, Ryan Sandness (1A)
  • 2016: Mitch Neimann, Colleen Kinsella, John Williams (1A)
  • 2015: Mitch Neimann, Brandon Grossi, Rebecca Doloski (1A)
  • 2014: Brandon Grossi, Daniel Niswonger, Jacob Alley (1A)
  • 2013: Jacob Alley, Caroline Collet, Brandon Tisler (1A)
  • 2012: Dakota Applebee, Brandon Cook, Bryanna Niswonger (1A)
  • 2010: Quinton Gallick (Seneca)
  • 2009: Vicky Costello, Jake Rix, Carver Warring (1A)
  • 2008: William Szumski, Rebecca Gieseker (1A)
  • 2007: William Szumski, Bob Bunton (1A)
  • 2006: Alan Schaefer, George Rix (1A)
  • 2005: Alan Schaefer (1A)
  • 2004: Catherine Szumski (1A)
  • 2003: Catherine Szumski, Matt Grzywa (1A)

IHSSBCA All-State Honorees

  • 2008: Wiliam Szumski (First Team) Class A
  • 2007: Bob Bunton (Second Team) Class A
  • 2004: Catherine Szumski (First Team) Class A