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Lisle Lions
Lisle, IL
Coaches Yousef Matariyeh
State Championships 2010 IHSA, 2011 IHSA, 2011 Masonic
National Appearances HSNCT: 2011
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown
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Lisle is a public high school in -you guessed it- Lisle, Illinois. The high school is located in a pretty sweet western suburb of Chicago, and plays in Class A, the "small school" division, in the Illinois High School Association's (IHSA) State Championship Series. Lisle also competes in the Illinois Central Eight Conference & has for many years represented one of the few "small" public schools to represent the Chicago suburbs, thus giving it a distinct advantage over comparable schools its size elsewhere in the state. It has been coached for many years by Yousef Matariyeh, during whose tenure, Lisle has been one of the few schools to directly challenge Latin, most notably winning back-to-back IHSA state titles in 2010 & 2011.

Notable Team Accomplishments

  • IHSA State Tournament: 2011 - 1st Place Class A, 2010 - 1st Place Class A
  • Masonic State Tournament: 2011 - 1st Place Class A
  • NAQT High School National Championship Tournament: 2011 - T33rd (SS 4th)
  • IHSA Sectional titles: (4) 2015 (1A), 2014 (1A), 2011 (1A), 2010 (1A)
  • IHSA Regional titles: (10) 2023 (1A), 2021 (1A), 2019 (1A), 2015 (1A), 2014 (1A), 2011 (1A), 2010 (1A), 2009 (1A), 2006 (1A), 2004 (1A)
  • Masonic Sectional titles: 2016 (2A), 2011 (A)
  • Illinois Central Eight Conference Champions: 2023
  • Interstate-8 Conference Champions: 2019, 2014
  • IHSSBCA NAQT Illinois State Championship: 2011 - 5th, 2010 - 7th, 2009 - 8th
  • NAQT Midwest Championship - 2011 - T10th

IHSSBCA Individual Awards

The following were honored by the Illinois High School Scholastic Bowl Coaches Association (IHSSBCA) for outstanding play through their All-Sectional/All-State Program. Each sectional comprises roughly 24 geographically concentrated teams, and thus roughly 125 starting players. Through the 2006-07 season, the top ten players were recognized in each sectional,(starting with 2007-08, the number was raised to 15) with teams restricted to no more than two nominations (three nominations starting in 2007-08). There are twenty All-State awards given each year (10 First Team, 10 Second Team) in each of Illinois' two classes.

All-Sectional Honorees

  • 2023: Sriram Koritala (1A)
  • 2022: Sriram Koritala, Anna Gallaway (1A)
  • 2015: Amanda Marach, Mathew Sebastian, Harsha Koritala (1A)
  • 2014: Amanda Marach, Maxwell Tarasewicz, Sachi Bhobe (1A)
  • 2011: Greg Dzuricsko, Michael Schwartz, Neal Kfoury (1A)
  • 2010: Greg Dzuricsko, Naiomi Gunaratne, Michael Swartz (1A)
  • 2009: Greg Dzurickso, Naiomi Gunaratne, Neal Kfoury (1A)
  • 2008: Naiomi Gunaratne, Laurel Kunath (1A)
  • 2006: Shauna Gunaratne (1A)
  • 2005: Shauna Gunaratne, Zachary Kunath (1A)

All-State Honorees

  • 2023 - Sriram Koritala (First Team)
  • 2015 - Amanda Marach (Second Team)
  • 2011: Greg Dzuricsko (First Team), Michael Swartz (First Team)
  • 2010: Greg Dzuricsko(First Team)
  • 2006: Shauna Gunaratne(First Team)
  • 2005: Shauna Gunaratne(First Team)


While video of IHSA tournament matches is rarely taken because of restrictions placed on video or audio recording any IHSA events, Lisle got permission, and recorded their matches at the 2014 state series:

Illinois Masonic State Tournament Class A Champion
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Peoria Christian