Andy Saunders

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Andy Saunders
Noted subjects Pop culture
Past colleges Brock (2004-2008)
High school John F. Ross (1998-2003)
HSQB profile OntarioQuizzer
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Andy Saunders is a Canadian quiz bowl player, having played in high school for Guelph's John F. Ross C.V.I. and in university for Brock.


High School

In high school, Saunders (along with his younger brother Matt) led John F. Ross to appearances in the Ontario provincials from 2001 to 2003, with the best finish being a loss in the 2003 quarterfinals to eventual champion University of Toronto Schools. Saunders claims that the highlight of the 2003 season was a 430-290 victory of SmartAsk! champions Merivale.


After high school, Saunders founded the team at Brock, where he was best known for convincing free agents to bolster his team's chances. In fact, his team's best results were when his teams were led convincingly by players such as Ted Stratton, James Dinan, and Paul Paquet.

Saunders also became known for playing in (and sucking in) major tournaments solo, due to being the only person at his school willing to travel long distances to get defeated soundly at quizbowl. He was referred to in the Vardomskaya Report as "Lawn Bowler".


Saunders managed to involve himself in flamewars with Western Canadian quizbowlers from time to time. A little-known fact about Saunders is that he was also a Reach For The Top Rule #1 loophole exploiter, as he returned to high school for a 6th year in 2003 to boost his GPA prior to going to university, playing Reach at John F. Ross for a 6th year.

Saunders was supposed to organize and edit a summer tournament in 2010 at the University of Guelph, Andy's Non-Guerrilla Summer Tournament (ANGST), but did not actually do so. After months of the community hearing nothing from Saunders, Kurtis Droge, Ben Smith, and others took over the tournament.[1] Saunders spent the day lawn bowling.[2]


Saunders is the current operator of The Jeopardy Fan, which is likely the #2 most read Jeopardy fan site after J-Archive. He took over the site from former NHBB staffer Jeanie Kenkel in 2015. Saunders makes the claim on the website's about page that contacting him regarding proposed additions to, or revisions of, content on TJF is a violation of Canadian law.

Saunders was a moderator of the Jeopardy! subreddit for some time until resigning in late April 2021.[3]


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