St. Mark's Invitational

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The St. Mark's Invitational is a high school quiz bowl tournament held by St. Mark's School. It has been held in the second semester of the school year since, at least, 2009. Since 2009 it has used a NAQT IS set.


Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2009 LASA St. Mark's A St. John's A St. Mark's B
and Temple
2010 St. Mark's Parkview Arts and Science A St. Andrew's Cistercian A
and Cistercian B
2011 LASA A Cistercian A St. Mark's A Cistercian C
and LASA B
2012 Cistercian A LASA Seven Lakes A St. Andrew's A
and St. Mark's A
2013 Cistercian A LASA A LASA B Cistercian C
and St. Mark's A