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St. John's School
Houston, TX
Coaches David Nathan
State Championships 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2013
National Championships 2002 NAQT
National Appearances HSNCT: 2001-2014, 2016
PACE: 2004, 2005, 2012-2016
MSNCT: 2013, 2015, 2016
Program Status Active
School Size Unknown
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St. John's is a private K-12 coed college prep school in Houston, Texas. They are considered one of the powerhouses of the national circuit. St. John's has fielded teams at every HSNCT since 2001. Ted Curry has been quizbowl coach since at least 2001 and during his tenure has claimed one HSNCT championship and numerous high finishes at NSC and HSNCT. St. John's fields teams at both high school and middle school levels.


In 2001 St. John's placed second at the Questions Unlimited state championship and third at the NAC. Their NAC team featured Michael Friedman, Erik Kwei, Chris Frankel, Alex Wright, and Robby Gutmann and coached by Ted Curry and Alice Nelson. The team finished tenth at the HSNCT.

With Andrew Brantley and Eric Kwei returning the 2002 season, the team had high expectations, which they met by ultimately winning HSNCT. St. John's defeated Irmo in a well-contested final with a lineup that also included Alex Wright and Michael Friedman. The HSNCT team, with the addition of Warren Belows, won the NAC New Orleans phase but was knocked out during the semifinals in a rematch with Irmo and ultimately finished third.

The 2003 team somehow managed a 3rd place HSNCT finish after a 6-4 preliminary record.

The 2004 St. John's team placed 9th at the PACE NSC, one of three appearances for the team. At HSNCT they finished 8-2 in the preliminary rounds, picking up wins over several high profile teams, and ultimately finished third. This team consisted of Alexander Akhter, Andrew Brantley, Matt Dunn, Paul Barndt, and Ranjan Ramchandani.

The 2005 team returned no A team players, but still managed to go 9-1 at HSNCT and finished tied for 13th, notably with a six player team.

The 2006 and 2007 seasons were significantly less prolific for the St. John's program as they would finished 5-5 and fail to make the playoffs at HSNCT in both years. Despite futility at the national level, St. John's still won the state championship both years.

The 2008 team was led by senior Zachary Yeung and finished the season tied for 27th at HSNCT.

From 2009 to 2012, no St. John's team would finish higher than T49 at HSNCT.

After the 2012 off season, George Davies, Claire Jones, and Deven Lahoti all returned for St. John's and were joined by Carlo De Guzman, who transferred from Seven Lakes. They immediately became a national force, especially after clearing a heavily stacked field to win the first half of the Texas Invitational. At the 2013 HSNCT they placed 4th, but only after being sent to the losers bracket by LASA A and eliminated by Ladue.

Noted Alumni

Tournament Results

2012-13 Academic Year

Date Tournament Question Set Team Record Rank Stats
10/13 Kickoff Classic NAQT IS-118 Black 5-3 9/48 [1]
Blue 4-4 9/48 [2]
Red 4-3 17/48 [3]
Frosh 7-1 1/7 [4]
11/03 Bayou City NAQT IS-119A A 5-3 10/27 [5]
12/08 HoHoHo NAQT IS-120 Virtue 9-2 1/20 [6]
Faith 4-5 T-5/20 [7]
White 3-5 T-9/20 [8]
1/19 Winter Rodeo NAQT IS-122 Red 7-2 7/30 [9]
Black 4-4 16/30 [10]
Green 2-5 21/30 [11]
2/23 Texas Invitational NAQT DI SCT A 15-0 1/16 [12]
2/24 ACF Regionals Texas ACF Regionals A 8-4 5/16 [13]
5/4 14th Texas Quiz Bowl Championship NAQT DII ICT A 14-0 1/14 [14]
5/25-26 2013 HSNCT HSNCT-2013 A 13-4 4/256 [15]

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