Stevie Miller

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Stevie Miller
Noted subjects History, Current Events, Social Science
Current college Carnegie Mellon (2023-)
High school Winston Churchill (2018-2022)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Stevie Miller is a player for Carnegie Mellon University. He previously played for Winston Churchill (MD) and UMD. He won the National Political Science Bee in 2021, the same year he was in the top 10 in PPG at PACE. In 2023, his freshman year, he was 2nd in PPG at UMD's 5th-place ACF Nationals finish, behind Caleb Kendrick.

In 2024, Miller was banned from the Quizbowl Discord after the QBWiki pages he created on former Rice College Bowl player Steve Sailer and former Illinois College Bowl player Gregory Cochran came to light. His ban prompted discussion about what kinds of political opinions should be tolerated in Quizbowl. As one player opined on the Quizbowl Discord, "politics in my opinion shouldn't really matter in terms of eligibility unless that player has committed some form of misconduct in quizbowl." Notably, another suggested, "Just take the advice of whoever (presumably Connor) said you don't need to ban conservatives from quizbowl you can just bully them out"–possibly referencing Stevie's time at UMD.