Sunny Chen

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Sunny Chen
Noted subjects grammar, science
Current college Berkeley
High school Hinsdale Central (2013-2016)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Sunny Chen was the co-captain of the Hinsdale Central Scholastic Bowl Team. He was named a member of the Second Team for the 2016 HSQBRank All-World Teams. Possibly being the first Hinsdale player ever to have been exposed to the world of good quizbowl through ACE camp, Sunny kicked off a new era in the school's program, actively trying to get the team to go as many tournaments as possible.

He likes to tell people which answerlines he wants to come up at tournaments, and he hates any topic that he does not have a strong grasp of, including Impressionist painting, rulers named Alexander, and lesser-known works of famous authors. He has a 45% success rate in finishing books that he starts reading for quizbowl, but this does not deter him from being the best person he can be.


  • 2nd best trash player at ACE
  • IHSSBCA All-State (2014-Second team)
  • No longer good at physics
  • Helped Team Illinois to a first-place finish at the 2016 NASAT.