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ACE stands for Academic Competition Enterprises, and it has been running summer camps since 1994. ACE is headed by Nick Clusserath formerly of Clemson and Dorman. Eric Huff formerly of Dorman, and Elliott Rountree of Lambert (formerly of Chattahoochee) have been part of ACE's leadership in previous years, though neither is currently involved. J.R. Barry of Brookwood was a director before he retired. Carlotta Wright of Riverdale was one of its founders and directors for many years, but she is now retired.

ACE's Quizbowl Camp is a summer program currently offering five-day sessions in eight locations across the country. The camps include classroom instruction in three subjects of one's choosing, twice-daily buzzer practices, mini-classes, and multiple daily and nightly tournaments. ACE also offers a coach's experience. Camp sizes range from under 50 to over 140, depending on the site.

In 2012, ACE ran an Individual Quizbowl Championship at HSNCT, which Ankit Aggarwal from Bellarmine won. Prelim results are here but final standings were never posted.

ACE posts study guides on its website and also has Facebook and Twitter feeds that previously published a Quizbowl “Fact of the Day” (QBFOD).

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