TACA All-State Team

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The TACA All-State Team is an award presented to (usually) four players by the Tennessee Academic Coaches Association. The four players are selected through coach voting, and are supposed to be the best four Quiz Bowl players in the state of Tennessee. This has been cast into doubt, however, due to the massive underrepresentation of West and East Tennessee teams (such as White Station and Farragut.) The award is presented at the annual Tennessee Academic Coaches Association State Championship.

Records before 2019 are incomplete. Notable likely winners include Jack Lewis and Noah Butler.

Due to the replacement of the TACA State Championship, this award is now defunct.


Year First Winner Second Winner Third Winner Fourth Winner
2021 Roisin Flanagan Unknown Chris Wright Unknown
2020 Roisin Flanagan Matt Rosa William Barnes Eli Apple
2019 Roisin Flanagan Alex Ponce Ben Becker Sanjay Chakrabarty
2008 Rachel Hawkins Unknown Unknown Unknown