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"Haha, look at all these bad teams that couldn't answer a single tossup, most likely because their opponent was playing a tournament they should have known better than to enter in the first place!" If we're deleting pages that make quizbowl look bad and add no value this should be #1 on the list. Matt Weiner (talk) 21:35, 9 December 2020 (CST)

That's totally fair, I think it makes sense to remove the opponents at least and to add something along the lines of "if you are getting multiple grails at events, you might be playing on questions that are too easy for your team's level." Noted and I'll come back to look at this. --Chris Chiego

I've taken the liberty of adding more context to what a grail actually is to address these concerns. I also cut down on the bloat and overuse of linking. Some may find this controversial (if so, feel free to re-include), but I removed "near grails" from the page, as that seems to be mostly irrelevant, and could probably just go on a user's own page anyway. I kept the R. Hentzel thing because it's kinda funny, but otherwise just noting that you got 19 questions out of 20 seems to be exactly "add[ing] no value" and personal-record-keeping-esque (not that the team listing isn't too, but this is more egregious of that, IMO). I'd also add that if this page should go, so should "andrew hart grail" (not that most people call it that anymore, much less know that it is a thing). If this page is kept, it should use the tabular format that that page does, as it is easier to read. --Jack