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ID: 1


Create 5 wanted articles

Reward: $6
Available: 8 out of 10
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Format for this box largely borrowed from Template:Bounties.

Note that the entries in this table are extracted from the transcluded text of the corresponding bounty page and hence uses several "magic values" for where key information is located. Any major changes to the formatting of Template:Bounty row should involve corresponding changes to this template.

Debugging table:

Input Output
{{QBWiki:WikiProject Bounties/{{{1|1}}}}}

+ wrapped in a table

ID Task Reward Remaining claims Total claims Instructions
#1 Create 5 wanted articles $ 6 8 10 To complete this task:
  • Create five new pages from the first few pages of the list of Wanted pages.
{{trim|{{#explode:{{QBWiki:WikiProject Bounties/{{{1|1}}}}}|{{!}}|5}}}} Create 5 wanted articles
{{#replace:{{#explode:{{QBWiki:WikiProject Bounties/{{{1|1}}}}}|{{!}}|7}}| |}} $6
{{trim|{{#explode:{{QBWiki:WikiProject Bounties/{{{1|1}}}}}|{{!}}|9}}}} 8