Tidewater Challenge

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Tidewater Challenge was a televised quizbowl-like competition for high schools in the Hampton Roads area that aired on the Norfolk PBS station WHRO in the late 1980s. In the 1990-1991 season the program affiliated with It's Academic and changed its name accordingly. The program was hosted by Jim Newsom. The program started on the air no later than 1985. It is unknown exactly how long it lasted after 1991 but its last season was no later than 1997.

Known finalists:

Year Champion Second
1988 Western Branch Denbigh
1989 Poquoson John Yeates
1990 Poquoson Salem (Virginia Beach)
1991 Denbigh Salem (Virginia Beach)

An article on Poquoson's 1989 victory says that it was their fourth tournament championship but does not identify the prior years they won.