Tim McElroy

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Tim McElroy
Noted subjects General
Current college none
Past colleges Chicago (2004-2006)
High school Dunlap
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Tim McElroy is a former player for the University of Chicago. As a first-year student at Chicago, he was the captain of the school's second NAQT Division II team, which also included Jeremy Newtson, but failed to qualify for ICT. He then vowed to win the Div II championship in his second year. With the help of freshmen Seth Samelson, Kannan Mahadevan and Bruce Arthur, he made good on his boast at the 2005 ICT.

He was subsequently elected President of the Chicago Team, but disappeared shortly after the start of the 2005-2006 season due to his new-found addiction to World of Warcraft.

Bruce Arthur considers Tim one of his most important mentors, and credits Tim's advice with preventing him from quitting quizbowl as a first-year.

The Timiad

The Timiad is an epic poem about Tim written by Bruce Arthur in 2005. It is subtitled "An Epic of Tim McElroy in Six Parts", and is divided as follows:

  • Part One: The Origins of Tim
  • Part Two: Tim Attempts to Join the College Bowl Team
  • Part Three: Tim Explains the Motions of the Celestial Bodies to David Press
  • Part Four: Tim is Defeated by Jared at the 2004 SCT
  • Part Five: Tim Defeats Michigan
  • Part Six: The Death of Tim

Only Books One, Two, and Three were completed.