Tricia Southard

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Tricia Southard
Noted Subjects:
Trash, (The Dreaded) Other, Just Helping Out
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams Furman (1998-2001), George Washington (2002-2003), Maryland (2008-2009)
High School Team Summerville High School (1994-1998)
Middle School Team None

Not often seen without her camera or a stuffed animal in tow, Tricia Southard is a Graduate Student in Library/Information Science at the University of Maryland. She was a member of PACE from 1999-2009, having served as the coordinator for the Benjamin Cooper Awards and a moderator for the HSQB boards.

A charter member of the Furman Academic Competitions Team, Tricia assisted David Bykowski on many a venture with FACT, including hosting the 1999 Southeast NAQT SCT and the 2000 PACE NSC. During her first years at George Washington, she assisted Edmund Schluessel and Tim Young in hosting the 2002 PACE NSC. In 2005, she helped Kevan Duve revive a dormant GW team. The team was dormant later, but is back again as of the 2008-2009 school year.

Tricia's probably the only current QBer who's played a tournament hosted by Academic Enterprises, having played in their tournament for elementary and middle schoolers in 1990. Despite her having done QB-ish things for so long, she's (self-admittedly) a heck of a lot better of a tournament official and photographer than a player...

Due to her work and class obligations, Tricia plays only occasionally nowadays -- most often with The Dans, a trash team made up originally of various GW and Maryland Alumni (Later iterations of the Dans included Adam Chin of Virginia Tech).

Photo courtesy of rebeccazim.