Tuhin Chakraborty

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Tuhin Chakraborty
Current college Michigan (2018–2021)
High school Troy (2014–2018)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Tuhin Chakraborty played quizbowl at Troy High School and Michigan.


In 2019, Tuhin attended the MSU site of 2019 Terrapin as part of the open team "Tuhin" after receiving permission from the tournament director.[1][2] This team was unaffiliated with Michigan, which sent two other full teams.


In 2020, Tuhin was accused of intentionally not listing a female teammate on their roster at the OSU mirror of 2020 ACF Winter to receive a shorthanded discount in a move that he described as "where the brilliance of Tuhin comes into play";[3] in response, he was given a two-week ban from attending practices.[4] Public outcry in response to this slap on the wrist resulted in the replacement of most of the Michigan e-board and the club banning Tuhin from attending tournaments (a unilateral ban was issued for the Iowa IKEA mirror[5]). Tuhin's repeated falsehoods,[6][7] unrepentant nature,[8] and admission to various accusations[3] earned him widespread ire during this incident. The misconduct subforum is now Tuhin's most active forum, with 150% of his posts;[9] his posting only ended when he was banned from the forums for one month for repeatedly breaking the rules.[10]


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