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University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Little Rock, Arkansas
Current President or Coach Kyle Gregory
National championships

The University of Arkansas-Little Rock Quiz Bowl team was unofficially founded in Fall 2010, by former Langston University player Kyle Gregory and Dylan Jacobs. The team has participated in one tournament, placing second at the Early Autumn Collegiate Novice tournament at Harding University. The team consists of roughly six members. UALR is in the "slapbowl" phase of quizbowl and is attempting to secure funding to attend more tournaments. At this point, UALR is planning on scrimmaging Harding University and Langston University and was officially recognized as a club in Spring 2011. The team was inactive the following year.

2010-2011 Team Members

Kyle Gregory

Dylan Jacobs

Darcie Moore

Samantha Pye

Kanika Topiwala

Karan Topiwala

Advisor: Professor Nitin Agarwal