Kyle Gregory

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Kyle Gregory
Noted Subjects:
African-American studies, Literature
Current Collegiate Team
Past Collegiate Teams Langston (2004-2009) UALR (2010-2011) Oklahoma (2011-2012)
High School Team did not play
Middle School Team None

Kyle Gregory got his start in quiz bowl after successfully knowing facts such as who made the album "Thriller", what the zip code of Langston is, and a lot of other successful guesses, in a required campus tournament as a mere freshman. Showing his prowess in the aforementioned areas, Kyle was offered a free trip to Orlando and St. Louis as incentive to continue playing. After winning only one game (but not finishing last!) at the HCASC Nationals, Kyle decided to study.

The next year, he was the leading scorer at the campus tournament, knowing other such facts as the name of any dean on campus and the name of the president at Langston. This success led him to be named captain of the team. After HCASC did not invite Langston to the National Championship Tournament, Kyle continued to hold practices that were attended by...himself.

As a junior, he continued his role as highest scorer at the campus tournament. This led to the discovery of an unknown quiz bowl world. This led to Langston's participation outside of the HCASC world. Despite the rough showing at the Sword Bowl, Langston enjoyed their first winning season on any circuit in ten years of play. The next year, Langston appeared in the Sweet Sixteen. In 2009, they again appeared in the Sweet Sixteen.

As a senior, Kyle continued his prominence and knowledge of zip codes, Iraqi leaders, and cities north of Oklahoma City to retain his scoring title in the campus tournament. In addition to this, Kyle thought it would be a neat idea to host a high school quiz bowl tournament. Thus, the Edwin P. McCabe Scholars Bowl was born, despite four teams dropping out less than four days before the tournament. In 2008, the tournament grew from six to seventeen teams. Kyle continues to give partially correct answers, which in turn helps the other team figure out the answer. He also always finishes near the top in "0's" and leads the "physical" style of play for which Langston has become known.

Kyle served as team captain for the final season in 2008-2009 and led Langston in scoring at ACF Fall 2008, with an out-of-this-world 17 plus points per game. At his final HCASC NCT, he averaged nearly 58 points per game. Kyle was also the top scorer on the "Know Your Heritage: Black College Quiz" show.

Kyle started a team that lasted only one season at Arkansas-Little Rock attending an early fall tournament (40.5 ppg) and a ACF Regionals mirror (21.88 ppg). Kyle attended the University of Oklahoma College of Law for a year and played for Oklahoma in 2012, attending the NAQT SCT (24.48 ppg), helping Oklahoma win a three team Division One despite finishing 6-5.

Kyle currently works at Langston and serves as Adviser for the Langston team.