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Austin, TX
Current President or Coach William Golden
National championships 2015 NAQT Division II
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This article describes the quizbowl team at the University of Texas. For high quizbowl in the state of Texas, see Texas Quiz Bowl Alliance.

The University of Texas is a large public university located in Austin, TX. Though technically not allowed to represent the University of Texas or to use its name, the UT quizbowl team has been known to occasionally appear at tournaments on the local and national circuit and even host such events without its parent university's knowledge. New players interested in contacting the team should look for "Longhorn Quizbowl" on Facebook and on Hornslink.


It is unclear when UT Quizbowl was founded, as there are very few records and no one currently associated with the club remembers anything farther back than 1998. College Bowl records indicate that UT played CBI Regionals continuously from the '95-'96 season through the '00-'01 season, in which they won third place at the NCT. The '95-'97 teams were most likely led by Alfred Wallace, Suzy Rivoire, and Jennifer Hopens. It could be argued, however, that 1998, which saw the matriculation of Eric Smith, was the beginning of the modern era of UT Quizbowl.

After the departure of Smith for Stanford in '01, the team was led by Adam Escandell and Mengmeng Zhang for two years. UT's only nationals appearance in this period came at the '02 ICT, where they finished 17th in Division II.

2003 saw the arrival of team leaders Eric Kwartler and Matt Nance. While the team failed to appear at any national tournaments that season, UT did become much more active on the local circuit, attending four tournaments and hosting two more. Since then, UT has attended 23 tournaments, six of them national tournaments and four of them circuit events outside the Southwest region.

In the 2018-2019 season, UT's club leadership passed from Delaynie Fritz to former Duke-player and current graduate student Ryan Humphrey. UT attended both D1 ICT (finishing t-21st) and ACF Nationals (finishing t-17th), and the team's finishes were largely due to the strong contributions of multiple freshmen on the A team(Ashwath Seetharaman, Graham Stockton, Jaskaran Singh. UT also hosted or aided in hosting multiple tournaments in Austin throughout the 2018-2019 season (ACF Fall, Penn Bowl, Sun God Invitational, and ACF Regionals.

In the Spring of 2020, the UT club produced the Longhorn Invitational Tournament, which will see most of its mirrors take place in Fall 2020.

2022 Members

Former Members

2018-2019 Season

Tournament Host Date Finish
Penn Bowl LASA October 20, 2018 Texas A - 1/4, Texas B - 4/4
ACF Fall LASA November 4, 2018 Texas A - 1/9
Sun God Invitational UT Austin December 1, 2018 Texas A - 1/4, Texas B - 4/4
ACF Regionals UT Austin January 26, 2019 Texas A - 1/6
NAQT SCT Rice February 9, 2019 Texas A - 1/9, Texas B - 5/9
NAQT ICT Chicago, Hyatt Regency O'Hare April 5-6, 2019 Texas A (D1), t-21/36
ACF Nationals University of Pennsylvania April 14, 2019 Texas A - t-17/48

1999-2000 Season

Tournament Host Date Finish Individual
NAQT SCT University of Oklahoma February 2000 Texas DI - 4th, Texas DII - 2nd N/A
ACF Regionals University of Oklahoma February 2000 Texas A - 4th Eric Smith - 3rd
NAQT ICT Boston University April 2000 Texas DI - 14th, Texas DII - 15th N/A

1998-1999 Season

Tournament Host Date Finish Individual
Route 66 University of Oklahoma October 1998 Texas A - 1st N/A
NAQT Conference Championship The University of Texas November 1998 UT A - 1st N/A
NAQT SCT Wichita State University February 1999 UT A - 1st Eric Smith - 2nd, Jennifer Hopens - 3rd, Suzy Rivoire - 5th
ACF Regionals Texas A&M University February 1999 UT - 1st N/A
ICT University of Michigan April 1999 UT - 15th N/A
ACF Nationals University of Chicago April 1999 UT - 9th N/A

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ACF Nationals Undergraduate Champion
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