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Guelph, ON
Current President or Coach Chris Greenwood
National championships none
NAQT Page link

The University of Guelph is a university in Guelph, Ontario. It is a research and science-focused public university, and is also home to the Ontario Veterinary College. The Guelph Quizbowl team was founded in fall of 2008.


In 2008-09, the team competed in ACF Fall, TRASH Regionals, NAQT SCT DI/DII, and the Guelph mirror of the Ottawa Hybrid Tournament. The DI team won the 2012 Canadian SCT and competed at the 2012 ICT.

Hosted Tournaments

Current Members

  • Melea Bertagnolli
  • Sukhpal Bhupal
  • Mackenzie Common
  • Sarah Cornwell
  • Rebecca Crane
  • Alex Frank
  • Nick Green
  • Chris Greenwood
  • Laura Harper
  • George Hutchinson
  • Mike Lawrence
  • Nat McLaren
  • Tom Minard
  • Jordan Nussbaum
  • Nasim Omar
  • Maggie Robertson
  • Andy Saunders (not enrolled, "coach")
  • Nic Wionzek


  • Colin Harris
  • Jenna Healey
  • Calder Hutchinson
  • Christian Landy
  • Jeremy Levick
  • Ayo Smith
  • Mallory van Wyngaarden